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What are the advantages and disadvantages of contract

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Weighing some of the advantages and disadvantages to becoming a contract employee might aid in deciding whether or not it is the right move for your career goals. Independence and Flexibility Most often contract employees are afforded greater flexibility in scheduling than permanent employees. But of course, the best practices show that smart contract ideas have both advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are: Reliability and immutability provided by the decentralized data.

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Considering the prevalence of arbitration clauses in contracts today, it is imperative that parties consider the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration proceedings and make an informed decision before entering into such an agreement. Advantages. Cost. Generally, arbitration proceedings will result in quicker dispute resolution than in the.

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It facilitates all contractors tendering for a contract to price on precisely for the same information. By providing the quantities to tenderers, bill of quantities gives a basic idea of the project. BOQ describes the scope of the work to be completed. BOQ offers an evaluated or predicted contract sum. (very important for the client).

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ADVANTAGES. DISADVANTAGES. TRADITIONAL. Because there is competitive selection of contractor and consultants there is accountability. There is equity in the tendering process for contractor bidding. Price is know at the the award of the contract. Managing change is relatively easy because the client is directly involved in the design process.

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